Jan-Shar's 2007 Champions Gallery

JDasa.jpg (17419 bytes)
Ch. J-Das Among The Stars
Sire: Ch. Dockiloc's As Good As It Gets
Dam: Jan-Shars Don't Bust My Bubble
Owners/Breeders: Sharon Hanson, David & Jessica Solis

Dejaa.jpg (15313 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Just One Look
Sire: Ch. Jan-Shars Mini Me
Dam: Ch. Jan-Shars Olivia Newton Pom
Breeder/Owner: Tish Cannon & Sharon Hanson

Katya.jpg (10557 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Katy Bar The Door
Owner: Alan Guerra

LuckyYoua.jpg (16209 bytes)
Can Ch. Jan-Shars Lucky You
Sire: Ch. Jan-Shars Dr. Phil
Dam: Jan-Shars My Little Chick-A-Dee
Owner: Margaret McConnell

Sandya.jpg (17063 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Your The One That I Want
Sire: Ch. Jan-Shars Mini Me
Dam: Ch. Jan-Shars Olivia Newton Pom

Serengetia.jpg (13970 bytes)
Ch Jan-Shars Serengeti
Sire: Jan-Shars Go For The Gusto
Dam: Ch. Jan-Shars Cookie Monster

Tiffanya.jpg (13526 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Tiffany And Company
Sire: Jan-Shars Ghostbuster
Dam: Jan-Shars And Janesa's Cotton Top

HeadsIWina.jpg (14702 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Heads I Win
Sire: Mustang's Frosted Ice man
Dam: Jan-Shars Belle

CCa.jpg (13235 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Caught In The Act
Sire: Candyfloss Center Stage
Dam: Ch. Jan-Shars High Maintenance


Beyoncea.jpg (14729 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Beyonce
Sire: Ch. Jan-Shar Shaquille O'Neal
Dam: Jan-Shars Shooting Star
Co-Owner: Jessica Satallante



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