Jan-Shar's 2000 Champions Gallery

YtwoKbuga.jpg (13677 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Y Two K Bug

GoGirla.jpg (18715 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shar's You Go Girl

dda.jpg (12855 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Drop Dead Gorgeous

Tarzan1a.jpg (16774 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars It's A Jungle Out There

dixiechickjpga.jpg (19030 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Dixie Chick

DOWJONESa.jpg (13623 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Dow Jones
"Dow Jones"

Doca.jpg (12963 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Whats Up Doc

AMALDALAa.jpg (17554 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Queen Amalda

SHADOWBOBa.jpg (15443 bytes)
Am/Mex. Ch. Jan-Shar Only The Shadow Knows

killer6a.jpg (10604 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars If Looks Could Kill

nickya.jpg (12458 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Candi Nicole

dosidoa.jpg (16881 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Do-Si-Do

JOHNNYa.jpg (10982 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shar's Johnny Dangerous
Co-Owned with Mario Panlilio

Ch. Jan-Shars Rock N Rye
Co-owned with Marge Conway

MosesVickya.jpg (13973 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shar's Holy Moses Oakridge
Co-owned with Nina Epps

Tarzana.jpg (13605 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Daddy Says I'm Darling
Owned by Charles & Katy Stalkner

ORANGEJULIUSa.jpg (13305 bytes)
Ch. Canton's Orange Julius
Bred by Basilio Yap

Tasya.jpg (14805 bytes)
Ch. Canton's White Fantasy
Bred by Basilio Yap


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