Jan-Shar's 2001 Champions Gallery

NStylea.jpg (11516 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars N Style

Jan-SharsRavena.jpg (8947 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shar Raven
Owner: Daniel Kwee

NSYNCa.jpg (14685 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars N Sync

lambroginia.jpg (22490 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Lambragini

HAPPYa.jpg (16679 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shar Don't Worry Be Happy

XRatedgroup1a.jpg (14613 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars X Rated
Owned by Chan Wai Yip

Jan-sharsGiveMePurplePleasea.jpg (12077 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Give Me Purple Please

Ch. Jan-Shars The Tribe Has Spoken
Owned by Chan Wai Yip

Baha3a.jpg (20349 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Who Let The Dawgs Out
Co-Owned with Janet Lange

Trigger1BOBa.jpg (26038 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars N Tvilles Trigger Happy
Owned by Nancy Walker &
Co-Bred with Tish Cannon

BRITTNEYa.jpg (16093 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Brittney Spears
Breeder: Connie Perry

whistlewhileyouworka.jpg (15631 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Whistle While You Work
Owner: Howard Skylar

MISSCONGENEALITYa.jpg (14162 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Miss Congeniality

TouchThisa.JPG (16256 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Can't Touch This
Owner: Tina Patrina

ChDAZa.jpg (13563 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Bedazzled
Owner: Gina Bush


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