Jan-Shar's 2003 Champions Gallery

BitsNPiecesa.jpg (16856 bytes)
Bit's And Pieces

Chiefa.jpg (19779 bytes)
Hail To The Chief

Commandera.jpg (19467 bytes)
Commander N Chief

CookieMonstera.jpg (21367 bytes)
Cookie Monster

Doctora.jpg (21666 bytes)
Just What The Dr. Ordered

Dolla.jpg (17930 bytes)
Oh You Beautiful Doll

youngblooda.jpg (19629 bytes)
Young Blood

Everythinga.jpg (21736 bytes)
Everything N More

Farmera.jpg (20741 bytes)
Fresh Off The Farm

GoldieLocksa.jpg (16583 bytes)

Gustoa.jpg (17026 bytes)
Go For The Gusto

Hossa.jpg (15180 bytes)
Hold Your Horses

Joneseya.jpg (16671 bytes)
Keep'n Up With The Jones

Madisona.jpg (16458 bytes)
Tville Too Hot To Handle

Oliviaa.jpg (16349 bytes)
Olivia Newton Pom

PeggySuea.jpg (21837 bytes)
And T-Ville's Peggy Sue


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